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4 Ways to Use Window Tinting in Your Yoga Studio

Building With Tinted Window

If your yoga studio design uses windows for walls, you may want to upgrade your studio's look. For example, you may find that some of the yoga forms you teach are not suitable for the open-window environment and natural light you have pouring in. One of your options is to use window tinting. Learn four ways that window tinting can enhance your clients' experience and benefit your business.

1. Enhance Security

You may not think about security and theft of property when it comes to your type of business, but even a yoga and meditation studio can have items that someone may want to steal or vandalize, especially if you sell certain items in addition to offering yoga classes and meditation sessions.

Security window tinting makes it harder for someone to break the windows of your studio by increasing the shatter resistance of the windows. The tinting can also reduce damage from blasts, including firearm blasts. In addition to these benefits, most security tinting has anti-graffiti coating to reduce vandalism.

2. Enhance Decor

Most yoga studios have a set design they use that fits the type of yoga they teach and the vibe they want the studio to have. For example, your style may be modern with a sleek and stainless steel accent. Or you may have a studio that keeps with a traditional meditative atmosphere and spa-like quality. You can incorporate that vibe and theme into your window tint and film.

The frosted or textured look helps provide a flow to the studio while still offering privacy from both other classes and people in your shopping area. This look also offers privacy to those in meditative areas of the studio. The textured and frosted tint can also let the light through in a certain pattern that will enhance your clients' experience.

3. Maintain Temperature

Certain yoga and meditation styles rely on a consistent room temperature. For example, if you offer hot yoga, you need to make sure that the room stays at a constant high temperature. If the room is too cool, the hot aspect of the yoga style is lost. If you have other styles being taught at the same time, you need those rooms to maintain their temperature as well.

One way to maintain the temperature throughout the studio is to use window tinting. Regardless of the style, window tinting can help to maintain the temperature by blocking out sunlight or heat and reflecting it away from the building. Some films can out block as much as 70% of the heat during high summer temperatures.

4. Advertise Your Business

You may not think about marketing and advertising when you think of window tinting. In fact, window tinting makes most people think of solid colors, simple designs, and flat textures. The truth is, you can use window tinting in several ways to advertise your business to passersby.

A major benefit of using window tinting for advertising is that it catches the attention of people walking by the studio while remaining invisible to the people on the inside of the building, keeping them from getting distracted.

If you use your tinted windows for advertising, you can list your hours, the styles of yoga you offer, and the meditation classes you have available. You can also add your own logo and use the tinting as a business sign.

If you are ready to upgrade your studio windows using commercial window tinting, contact Sunblockers Window Tinting. We can help you choose the design options and adjustments which work best for your specific studio and location. We offer free consultations, so give us a call today.

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