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Benefits of Window Tints for a Family With Children

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Window films and tints have a variety of applications for both commercial buildings and private homes. From UV blocking to anti-vandalism films, the wide range of films available offer something for everyone. So what are the specific benefits for you if you have a family with small children?

Here are some specific ways that different window film applications can help you and your family by guarding against potential problems such as break-ins, lack of privacy, or too-bright sunlight.

Reducing Chances of Injury With Breakage

Sometimes windows break, whether it's because of wind-blown debris or from a break-in. With kids in the house, you don't want to have shards of glass flying through the air or hiding in the carpet. Window tints and films in general help hold the glass pieces together so that any broken window is less likely to fall into shards.

Some window films are especially designed with extra strength so they're even better at holding the window in place if it shatters. This reduces the chances that you or one of your children will be injured by near-invisible glass pieces.

Facilitating Greater Privacy in the Home

Everyone needs some privacy, and it can be hard to come by in residential areas. From toddlers who haven't yet learned the importance of wearing clothing to older kids who are always leaving their rooms messy and embarrassing you, a family with children may have reasons to need even more privacy. Window film can increase privacy, even in a busy subdivision.

Some types of window film and tinting are designed to block light ray transfer in both directions, which reduces UV fading and heat gain through the window while simultaneously increasing privacy. Others are designed like a one-way mirror, keeping people from looking in while still letting you enjoy the unhindered view out the window.

Increasing Breakage Protection

Avoiding break-ins is a critical part of protecting your children. Some window films can actually increase your windows' resistance to either accidental or violent breakage. It's true that a determined vandal with the right tools could still get through the window eventually, but the added strength can often deter an opportunistic burglary attempt.

In addition, the added strength means it will take longer to break through, which removes the element of surprise and gives you time to react to the break-in attempt. When combined with other security measures, such as exterior motion-sensing lights and a professionally maintained alarm system, these anti-burglar window films can be a valuable security precaution.

Reducing Excessive Light

If your kids' bedrooms have sunny windows, the midday sun may be difficult to keep out with even the thickest curtains. Using a window film to reduce the amount of light that comes through the window can make the curtains' job easier and help you provide a reliably dark and relaxing atmosphere at naptime.

Little kids may be reluctant to take a nap or may have difficulty falling asleep after an exciting morning. But in many instances, this dark, restful environment can help children drop off more easily and get a better nap. Of course, better naps also means much-needed downtime for the parent or caretaker who's in charge of naptime.

These are just some of the benefits that window films can provide to you and your family. Different products are typically designed to optimize one or more functions, so you can choose your window film based on your primary needs.

To learn more about window tints and films, call Sunblockers Window Tinting today. Our professional installation can help you avoid common window tinting problems, and we'll be happy to help you find just the right product for your home.

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