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4 Ways Security Window Film Protects Your Home During a Storm or Disaster

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Security window film makes the glass in your windows strong enough to withstand strong winds and flying debris. It offers effective protection against storms, and that strength offers other benefits as well.

Window film is retrofitted to your windows while they're in their frames. A skilled installer ensures the film blends perfectly with the glass with no bubbles or creases to detract from the appearance of your windows. Here's a look why you may want to add protective window film to your home security arsenal.

Prevents Flying Glass Shards

Broken glass is dangerous because it breaks into shards. Some homes have security windows made from acrylic glass that crumbles when smashed. However, many homes still have traditional glass since it is more common and less expensive.

Traditional glass is weak and it's broken easily. When broken, it shatters into deadly shards that become flying weapons when strong winds blow into your house. Security film solves this potentially serious situation by bonding the glass together. The film is thick and tough. When the glass breaks, the film holds it in place so it doesn't go flying through your house.

With the film holding the window together, wind and rain can't even get inside your home. The glass itself might chip or crack, but the film holds it in the frame to continue providing protection for your home.

Works When You're Away

Maybe you've thought ahead and have installed security shutters on your home. That's a good choice if you're home to activate them, but if strong winds whip up and you're not home, your windows are in danger.

Security film works all day and night to protect your windows. You can be gone for the day or for the week and your window glass will be protected from storm damage. Even if you happen to be home during the storm, you won't have to shut yourself off from the world with closed shutters.

Security film is strong, but it is still transparent. You can see outside and monitor the changing weather conditions. This film can be tinted also. This adds privacy for further protection when you're away. The extra privacy from a dark tint also allows you to keep your blinds up when you're at home and want to enjoy the outside view without worry about others seeing inside.

Protects Against Looters

Unfortunately, natural disasters bring out looters and other criminals to take advantage of empty homes. If you evacuate before the storm, or if you leave after it hits due to loss of power, the security film protects your windows against break-ins. The film stands up to repeated blows from a bat or other object.

A determined looter has to spend a long time and expend a lot of effort to break through security film. Since looting is a crime of opportunity and convenience, the criminal will likely move to an easier target.

Guards Against Other Disasters

The strong and durable film offers protection against earthquakes too. Any disaster such as a quake or an explosion that would normally send glass flying is less of a threat to your home when you have security film applied. The thickness of the film determines how strong it is.

The thickest film is used by commercial and government buildings for explosion protection. Homes utilize thinner film that is capable of protecting against most damage likely to occur. The film protects against minor damage too. Just like the much thinner window tinting film, security film protects your carpet from UV exposure and heat loss that raises your power bill.

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