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Why Long-Haul Drivers Should Have Their Vehicle Windows Tinted

Car window tinting
If you are constantly on the road for your job, you probably take certain precautions to ensure that you stay safe while driving. However, you may be neglecting your health if you are driving a vehicle without tinted windows. If you feel tinted windows are only an aesthetic feature of your vehicle, consider the following health benefits of tinting your car's windows.
Helps Block Skin-damaging UV Rays
When you have to drive a lot on the job, you are constantly exposed to the sun's UV rays. If your windows are not tinted, the glass intensifies these rays. This intensification then exposes your delicate skin tissue to more ultraviolet light, which then increases their adverse effects.
When you are exposed to constant, intense UV light, your skin breaks down at a higher rate. This breakdown could then result in premature aging, skin spots, and even predispose you to skin cancer.
If your vehicle's windows are tinted with a UV-blocking film, however, the UV rays are filtered before they reach your skin. This filtration helps prevent the skin damage that could lead to serious conditions.
Reduces Side Effects of Certain Medications
If you take certain medications while driving without tinted windows, you may be exposing yourself to increased side effects. When you take certain drugs, your skin becomes highly sensitive to the sun's rays, resulting in phototoxicity.
When you take medications such as steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, or even some antibiotics, your skin absorbs more sunlight than usual. Then, when your skin becomes highly sensitized to the sun, overexposure could result in cell death. Even worse, these changes in your skin could become permanent.
Even if you do not become phototoxic, the medications could lead to a photoallergy. Especially when topical drugs are applied, the increase in sun sensitivity could result in a rash that may spread to other parts of your body.
If you are unsure if you are taking a medication that increases your sensitivity to the sun, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the possibility. Then, if you find out the drug you are taking does have this side effect, consider having your windows tinted to protect yourself from constant exposure to the sun while driving.
Protects Against Eye Strain and Damage
Your skin is not the only part of your body that can be affected by the harmful effects of the sun. Your eyes are also constantly exposed to the sun's bright light and UV rays.
The angle of sunlight shines either straight through your front or back windshield, especially when you are driving during sunrise or sunset. Depending on the direction you are going, it may even come in through the driver's side window.
Even if you are wearing sunglasses, the intense amount of light causes you to squint to help you see better. If you are forced to squint for a prolonged period of time, your eyes become strained. This strain makes them tired and weaker.
While driving during the day, your eyes are also exposed to UV rays that can have an adverse effect on the soft tissues of your corneas. When you make your living by driving constantly, the rays could severely damage the corneas.
This corneal damage could then lead to cataracts or even macular degeneration. At worst, the tissue breakdown could also lead to cancer in your eyes. To protect your eyesight, you should seriously consider having your windows tinted to help block out the eye-damaging UV rays.
When your job requires that you be on the road constantly, tinted windows could help protect your health. If you are interested in having a professional tint your vehicle's windows, contact Sunblockers Window Tinting to discuss your options.

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