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Success in business starts with attention to detail. Sunscape Window Film is your clear choice.

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Lower Energy Costs

Sunscape Window Films by Madico block up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays, while rejecting up to 85% of the summer sun’s solar energy to reduce air conditioning costs. In the winter, Sunscape retains interior warmth. It’s a film for all seasons and a great cost-saver year after year.

Aesthetics Everyone Can Appreciate

By giving your building's exterior a sleek, uniform look, Sunscape Windows Films eliminate visual clutter to enhance your building’s appearance. It’s good for your interior aesthetics as well, blocking up to 99% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays to protect furnishings, carpeting, and artwork throughout your facility.

Increase Employee Comfort for More Productivity

Another added value of Sunscape is that it helps maintain a consistent indoor climate, resulting in a happier office staff and, consequently, greater productivity. Offices stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, eliminating concerns for how direct sunlight impacts your space.

Create a Safer Environment

In a matter of seconds, glass can become a very dangerous, sharp object. Protect against property damage, and personal injury with Sunscape Safety Films.

Engineered to help prevent glass from shattering, these films offer an enhanced level of protection in addition to solar control benefits.

commercial building

Consult Your Sunscape Dealer “Sunblockers Inc.” Today

If effortless cost-savings, a comfortable work environment, and architectural enhancement sound good to you, then contact Sunblockers Inc, with over 45 years of experience with Madico’s Window films. From film selection though installation, Sunblockers' professionals are fully trained to provide the level of service you’d expect from our foremost line of architectural window films.

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Decolite Designer Films
Sunblockers Decolite Designer Films by Madico; elegantly enhance the look of glass. These decorative window films allow you to easily retrofit existing glass with an array of classic patterns to compliment any décor. With Decolite film you can achieve the distinctive look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost.
Discover the dynamic possibilities…
A truly customizable product, the films can be cut into a one of a kind design for your unique setting. With a stylish look, you can create private, interior glass spaces while still welcoming in light. The ease of installation and affordability of Decolite products make them the obvious choice when customizing your interior glass. Sunblockers offer a wide array of patterns appropriate for each individual environment from commercial to residential.
…designed to make a lasting impression.
Decolite Designer Films
*Add privacy. Perfect for office partitions, conference rooms, entrances, and staircases, create privacy using elegant designs. Common residential applications include front doors and bathrooms.
*Enhance design. Add style and compliment furnishings, wall treatments, and the overall aesthetics of your environment.
*Increase safety.  Film helps hold glass together to lessen the likelihood of flying shards during natural and man-made disasters. Visibility of sliding glass doors is also improved.
*Reject Ultraviolet radiation. Block 98% of damaging ultraviolet rays, thereby decreasing interior fading.
*Cut glare. Soften harsh sunlight and make work and living environments more comfortable.
*Protect your glass. Film acts as a scratch-resistant barrier for the glass it enhances.
Decolite is applied by Sunblockers factory trained technicians and backed by Madico’s warranty. Our On-Site Consultation can help you choose the style from our complete portfolio of inspired patterns. We will assist you to match your preferences and applications. Call today for a Free On-Site visit (530) 244-1995. 

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