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Madico Safety Shield – Complete Solution in Glass Protection
Sunblockers Inc. is a Madico’s Safety Shield Premier Partner

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24/7 Passive Protection 

We live in a far from perfect world. Whether it is man or nature, destructive forces are all around us. For over 30 years, Madico has been engineering products to increase protection against everything from criminal acts to catastrophic events. Storms, earthquakes, chemical explosions, bomb blasts, theft, and vandalism are all risks that our SafetyShield films can help mitigate. The addition of Madico’s SafetyShield Films and Anchoring Restraint Systems dramtically improves security for all buildings. It’s 24/7 passive protection that you can rely on the instant a threat occurs.

Optimum Window Film Protections Systems 

While our products certainly can’t prevent crime or natural disasters form taking place, they can dramatically affect the outcome of these events. When windows give way, shards of glass and debris can cause server injury and damage. In fact, a single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments. Flying glass shards are a major cause of severe injury, and even death. Blown out windows also expose your building’s interior to vandals, water, wind and other perils. SafetySheild protective film provides a “shield” on windows, which reduces the risk of glass breakage.

Customized Solutions 

Sunblockers Inc. is one of Madico’s global network of SafetyShield Permier Partners who works closely with each customer to evaluate specific threats and offer the best possible solution. There are five different patented and proprietary Anchoring Restraint System Solutions available. FrameGard, FrameGard Flex, GullWing, LifeLine, and TempGard, each with its own level of performance. Sunblockers  is our highly trained Premier Partner who will work with you to select the appropriate Anchoring Restraint System, in conjunction with the application of our safety film, to meet your specific criteria and threat concern.

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Madico Safteyshield Premier Partner Global Network 

Madico Window Films has selected and certified an elite group of safety and security professionals to market and install our advance SafetyShield and have undergone extensive training through the SafetyShield program in order to ensure the proper implementation of these sophisticated systems. Together, our Premier Partners form a global network of blast mitigation specialists available to work in installations throughout the world.

A History of Innovation 

Madico, Inc. was established in 1903 in Wobourn, Massachusetts. The same manufacturing facility is In use today along with a recently added facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. As a founding member of AIMCAL (the Association of International Metallizes, Coaters and Laminators), Madico is and always has been the pioneer and world leader in the development of widow protection  systems. The company’s commitment to glass film innovation has earned recognition form such esteemed organizations as the Protecting People First Foundation, while Madico’s dedication to responsible testing has helped it earn certifications from Factory Mutual, Underwriters and other reputable agencies. Visit Madico at

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