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Automotive Window Tinting Services

Automotive Window Tinting

Summer days in Redding, CA can often peak above 100 °F and when it does, your car feels more like an oven than a mode of transport. But rising gas prices also mean many of us need to cut down on using the car’s air conditioner. Drive and live in high definition with Madico’s Ceramic High Definition & Charcool Auto Films. These films provide the ultimate solution to beat the heat , UV protection, and the glare in your car. There is no better combination of quality and function in automobile film.


Residential Window Tinting

There’s nothing quite like opening up the curtains of your home and letting the sunshine in! Sunshine is a life affirming blessing that invites soft, warm light and color from sunrise to sunset. But don’t let the sun’s powerful rays and intense heat leave you hot and bothered. Madico Advanced Ceramic High Definition window films allows natural sunlight into your home while powerfully blocking out the uncomfortable and damaging effects including heat and distracting glare while providing cancer fighting UV Protection.

Residential Window Tinting Services
Commercial Window Tinting Services

Commercial Window Tinting

Not only do window films increase safety and comfort in your office, they also improve your business’ bottom line. Sunscape Window Films by Madico blocks out most of the sun’s harmful UV rays and energy which keeps your office space cooler during the warm months, so you save big on air conditioning costs. In the winter, Sunscape Window Film keeps warmth inside so you cut down on heating bills.


Safety & Security Window Film

Redding, CA is surrounded by natural beauty, snow capped mountains, and crystal clear lakes and rivers. But like all other towns, we also face difficulties; including catastrophic events and crime. Whether caused by man or nature, we are bound to face these destructive forces around us. Madico’s SafetyShield Films and Anchoring Restraint Systems can get your buildings prepared for upcoming storms, earthquakes, theft, vandalism, and even chemical explosions and bomb blasts.

Security Window Film Services